Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two minute update

We move on Saturday. I can't wait. The apartment is a total disaster area as far as mess goes at this point, and I'm sure we're not really ready, but I want to get it over with asap.

This is our patio at the apartment, taken two years ago, about a week after we moved in. Frank's domain.
This was before the gas grill arrived and hogged all remaining space, and before the herbs were killed. From left to right, we
had rosemary, sage, and three kinds of thyme in the large box on the bench. I don't remember what was in the other pots near the thyme, but they're all dead too.
The sunlight in the picture is pretty much all we get on the patio. That, and a little overzealous watering guaranteed our black thumb success!

Back to moving.
The books are mostly packed, and that's the biggest job. The second biggest task is packing up all of the Pass It On Plates inventory, craft show display stuff, and supplies. Not a problem now that I have almost a dozen big bags from Ikea to hold all the tote boxes that organize everything.

I'll take pictures throughout the day and post them in the middle of next week.

Typical Pam here, I've already got most of the paint colors figured out for each room and am itching to get started on personalizing the white walls. That comes later, though. Gotta get moved in first.

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