Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another moving update

It should be no surprise to anyone that our closing was rescheduled from this week to next week. Unfortunately, that means we are not moving this weekend, but next weekend. Good thing we have until Oct 8th to vacate the apartment. If we had told them we would be out by Sept 30th, we'd be really stressed out, since we will get the keys to the new place by 5pm that day and our landlord is evil and we don't trust that they would let us extend our stay by a few days.

Isn't that how the mortgage funding process works, though?


I'm a little naiive to the process, but I guess someone was processing the paperwork and decided to cut out $2700 of the closing fees included in the paperwork, then sent the documents on to the next stop without checking with our realtor/mortgage broker. Bottom line: instead of the fees coming out of wherever it was supposed to come from at closing, the buyers end up with more money than originally agreed upon, and we have to ask them to refund it to the closing process. Kind of unorthodox, and at this point either the buyers agree to do this, or the various fees don't get paid, or we walk away from the sale.

Am I stressed? Nah.

We made the offer after the condo had been on the market for 4 months. There is another (identical) condo for sale in the same complex.

Besides, the buyers have already moved out. They've moved on. They don't want to have to re-list the condo again.

Just in case, though...
will you cross your fingers and say a little prayer?

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