Saturday, September 6, 2008

As we left the State Fair...

We happened by a sports area. There were climbing walls sponsored by Smith Rock, beach volleyball, and a basketball hoop set up with basketballs nearby. They must have had some competitions during the day but in the evening people were clamoring over the climbing wall.
Side note: Check out the above link for Smith Rock; it'll take half a minute. Very cool.

Rachel walked over to the basketball area and picked up a ball. She dribbled to test it, then quickly sunk 7 shots in a row from the freethrow line. No warming up.

I asked if she planned to go out for basketball in school this year and she replied, "Nah, I'm not very good."

We had a little talk about her height (just a squeak under 5'5" at 12 years old) and her shooting skills, then I explained that before and between basketball games the coach has players attend this thing called "practice." At this basketball practice, players... practice. And more often than not they improve their skills.

She'll think about it.

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