Friday, May 22, 2009

Bottlecap Craft project

bottlecap magnets

People give me bottlecaps. Bags and bags of them. I don't mind, because they're cool and you can do neat crafty things with them.

Here is a quick and easy craft project for bottlecaps:
Easy peasy.

1. Plug in your glue gun to heat it up.

2. While waiting for the glue to heat up, drink a bottle of pop for the cap. Or you can have a beer. Just make sure that the cap doesn't get warped by the bottle opener. Have you been collecting bottle caps for such a project? Go find em. We'll wait for you.

3. Pump about 3 or 4 triggers of glue into the bottle cap, and let cool until just barely firm. This will elevate the surface the magnet sits on so the magnet will be able to make full contact with the surface you'll stick it to. Like the fridge, as it holds up your grocery list.
...the list that reminds you to buy more pop. Or beer.

4. Squeeze a blob of glue to one flat side of the magnet and carefully place it glue side down in the center of the cap. Be careful not to burn yourself as you hold it in the center. The magnet will want to slide to the rim and stick there. The rim is metal, after all. Push on the magnet, if necessary, to level it out, but make sure it is higher than the metal edge of the cap.

5. When cool, stick it on the fridge. Or wherever. I stuck three to a card and sent it to a friend half way across the country.

She said she likes beer, so hopefully they'll make her happy. Maybe she'll stick it to her fridge, so it can hold up her grocery list.

...the list that reminds her to buy more pop. Or beer...

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  1. Clever all over again.

    And, I have some of those on my frig, too. They are nice, very nice.

    Thank you,