Friday, May 29, 2009

Spelling Bee Gigglefest

On the news yesterday morning was a blurb about a home schooled 7th grader up in the Portland area who made it to the spelling bee semifinals in Washington DC. Unfortunately the word pterylosis put an end to his part in the competition. (Do ya blame him? Sheesh. That's a hard word.)

While searching for the results today I came across some video from past competitors that totally cracked me up. I think all these kids (except I'm not too sure about the screaming girl) are absolutely silly and I would be proud to chaperone any school field trip with these jokers.

That's high praise, I tell ya.

This guy quotes a movie that Rachel and I frequently quote. If I was in the spelling bee audience when he makes his joke, I'd be rolling on the floor. Apparently, the commentators and judges haven't seen this cult classic movie...

In the news article along with this video she says she has been more aware of her performance and she has started to whisper the letters into her hand first. Good girl. But holy moley, she sure made an impression!

Oh, and yes, her enthusiasm would be great fun on a school field trip and if she can control the volume while I'm in earshot, I'd love to volunteer to be a chaperone.

Moving on...
Hah! That's what I thought the guy said, too!

And last... I got the giggles along with this guy and giggled through the entire video. Kudos to him for spelling it right, regardless of how he got there. (I like his question about the word "kingdom." Clever tactic...)

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