Saturday, May 30, 2009

I like this lady's beard.

This lady likes beards.
I like her beards, too.

Do you like her beards?

She makes them and sells them on Etsy.
(Don't I show you just the weirdest coolest stuff on Etsy? I know, right?)

(Can you tell I have a teenager at home?)

Last time I checked her shop, she had beard-y stuff for sale. When I contacted her for permission to republish this coolness for you to see, I discovered another related bit o' fun:
Old Time-y photos.

These gave me gigglefits. It's not just the photos, either. You have to know the story behind these people. Her descriptions start out like this:

Wish your family was a little more exciting? Tired of hearing the same old stories every time the photo album gets dragged out? Add a little spice to your family line with a hand painted vintage photo from my series of Bearded Family Portraits.

These are the Bearded Sisters, a trio that will never be forgotten. These three troublemakers were kicked out of every speakeasy in Brooklyn during the twenties. Each of them were expert pickpockets, only caught once, but their beards made them the talk of the town anyway.

This is Andy. Isn't he a charming chap? He grew the moustache during a long period in Paris, where he was often teased about his boyish good looks. Returning to America, he found that the moustache won over all the ladies, so it stayed.

This is Peter. He's not really very friendly, but every family needs a black sheep. The moustache only adds to his sinister expression, but Peter prefers it that way. He doesn't want to make friends.

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