Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Missing Mpls Food

We have lived in Oregon for only a few years. Before that, we lived in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St Paul) for over a dozen years. Our lives out here in the Pacific Northwest are flavored by a Midwestern perspective.
  • We're still impressed by the snow-covered mountains visible from our neighborhood... in the middle of July.
  • We can't get enough of the ocean.
  • Every winter day that we can wear sandals and shorts with our fleece jacket (most any winter day) is deeply appreciated.
  • The absence of mosquitos ... well I don't have to explain how happy we are about that.

On the other hand, being foodies, we miss Minneapolis food. Until just this year we couldn't define Mpls food, and it's still surprising when we realize that the signature dishes of that Scandinavian town are Italian...

...and BBQ. Go figure.

(I'll explain Al Capone's Italian influence on the city later.) Buffalo Wings are another food that Mpls does well, and Oregon seems to overlook, but a recent trip to the fairly new Buffalo Wild Wings (at The Streets of tanasbourne, Beaverton) satisfied that craving.

So about BBQ, we're still on the lookout for decent ribs. If anyone sees (Famous) Dave Anderson, will ya tell him to please hurry and get his butt out here? Or at least his restaurants.

Here's a picture I took of my most recent visit to Famous Dave's BBQ.
This particular one is located at Calhoun Square in Uptown Mpls, a hip and upscale shopping mall. This restaurant has a "train" that passes overhead. Ok, it's just sound and theatrical effects, but it makes the atmosphere as good as the food.

Here is Rachel and the rack of ribs that we shared that day at Dave's. This was taken in 2006.

Yeah, it's been that long.

... now if only Dave's would open a location here in Oregon...

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