Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was compelled to buy these purses

You all probably know (hopefully!?) that I have an Etsy shop for my Pass It On Plates. Did you know I have a second shop? I craft when I'm trying to figure something out and all this extra crafting has to go somewhere, so I sell it under the name Compelled at Etsy.

The money earned through Compelled is used for my own shopping. Here's my first ever Etsy order:

They haven't arrived yet, but they should be here soon. They're made by SweetDandies up in Washington state.

I have been needing something like these for a long long time. Silly me was only looking in local stores, when finally I smacked myself on the forehead and yelled "Etsy!!"

Yeah, I did that literally. I was in the grocery store at the time and got lots of funny looks. Rachel was mortified.

Anyway, I think they'll be perfect to hold two kinds of receipts: personal shopping and business shopping. Otherwise it's too hard to keep them separate in my purse.

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