Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This would make a good doorstop

The bathroom where we keep the cat box has a funky door. It's hung weird and it swings shut without any effort.

One late afternoon Rachel was the first person home and she couldn't find the cats. A search of the house revealed they had accidentally "locked" themselves in the bathroom. To while away the time (who knows how long) they chewed up and unrolled a roll of toilet paper, pulled all the towels off the towel bars, deposited a variety of gritty substances (???) across the bathroom counter, examined the soap dish in the tub, and dissected the bathroom trash. They also became very familiar with hopping across the toilet seat to get to the sink and counter. Thank God we always keep the toilet seat down, right? If not, the mess could have been much worse.

When I got home later that evening, I went up to the bathroom to examine the remains of their fun afternoon. While up there, I availed myself of the facilities. The second I stood up - and before I could flush - Violet jumped up on the toilet seat (lid still up), slipped and fell into the bowl, then darted onto the counter and tried to exit the bathroom.

You have never seen a bottomless person (I didn't have a chance to pull my pants up before this happened!) take such a quick nanosecond to reach out and grab a startled wet cat, slam the bathroom door shut, and shove the squirming cat into the sink, all the while yelling, "Oh. My. God! You have got to be kidding me!"

Within 15 minutes, the cat had her nice bath, the bathroom was disinfected, and contact paper was immediately placed sticky side up on all forbidden surfaces.

Good kitty.

And so that's why this is a good doorstop. To prevent the cats from being forced to practice other neat tricks.

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