Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where you live as a TV show title

On a road trip from Minneapolis to Florida, a long time ago, we drove through Normal, IL. We giggled at that name and wondered about the people there. Now, many years later, a very crazy (in a good way) friend of mine lives there. When I asked once, if she lives in the center of town, she said she lives at the edge of Normal.

I replied, Uh huh...
Jennifer: Teetering On The Edge Of Normal

That got me to thinking.... which is Pam-talk for "Brace yourself, here it comes!"

How fun would it be to use where you live as the title to your life story as a TV show?

Mine would be:

Pam Hawk: Busy Intersection, Yield Maybe
Pam Hawk: White-Knuckled Left Turns

If you're a Salem reader and are familiar with our jagged city boundary lines and annexed neighborhoods and the yellow posts along the side of the road, you'll get this next one:

Pam Hawk: Ent Salem, Lv Salem, Ent Salem, Lv Salem


Pam Hawk: Possibly in Salem. Or not.

All of this could be summed up, perhaps as

Pam Hawk: Urban Country. Watch the road.

While pondering this, I got a text message from The Chef. It said:

hey, just let u know that i use internet via my cell phone. all apt bldgs, condos, small mall, and the bar lost their electric power. i checked around. stop lights are out and nice ornament on road--someone have car accident, well hope someone have a good insurance. just hangout here in unlit home and waiting for high power to bestow the electricity to us. talk to u ltr.

I decided that a tv show title for him could be:
Chef Red Hawk: Road Ornaments and Darkness
The Hawks: Never A Dull Moment

What would a TV show about your life be if you used where you live as part of the title?

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