Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vat is zee Chateau Bianca?

Chateau Bianca vinyards & winery

One time, a few years ago, we were on our way home from a trip to the coast, and Rachel had to go to the bathroom. There were no towns, waysides, or gas stations between the little voice in the back seat saying, "I have to go potty" until we reach home, about half hour later, so we looked for a place to stop.

This winery is the only place along the way that I knew of. Since they have a public shop, I figured I could talk them into letting us use their facilities. The public shop is in a white house on the property, which is more visible when heading downhill. (This picture was shot while driving uphill.)

The trouble wasn't getting permission to use the bathroom; it was explaining to my sister, who was driving, where to go. Coming from the coast, this winery is around a big curve after a long steep decline down the mountain. You need to start slowing down way before you see the winery or you'll miss it.

My sister probably won't think this is funny, but since she studied French in High School this story always makes me giggle. I told her we can stop at a winery called Chateau Bianca.

She wasn't familiar with it and asked, "What am I looking for?"

I replied,
"Chateau Bianca is a white house."

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