Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drive-by Shots in PDX

We go up to PDX as often as possible.
(PDX is what Portlanders call Portland, Oregon to you non-NW folks.)

We try to remember to take a camera as often as possible, too. You never know what you'll see.

Here are some scenes from a recent trip, when we spent most of our time around SE 82nd Ave. It sure is visual culture shock to us Midwesterners.
I love it.

Sure, let's stop in and get one of those... uh, something to eat.

It's everything you need on date night

Do they sell wings?

Adison Quare

Rachel shot these as we were heading out of Portland.

That fills the urban craving for another couple of weeks...
...until we get the itch to go back up for more.