Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pacific City
the way it's advertised vs. the way it is

At the beach, Cape Kiwanda

While finishing up the last details of next weeks BLOG PARTY (whoo hoo!!) I found a site that I have to share. I was looking for some info about our favorite beach in Pacific City, Oregon.

First, let me tell you how absolutely horrible the local non-commercial websites are. These are the non lodging websites. Here. Just look at a few and you'll see what I mean.

Sorry Pacific City, but they're really awful sites. Are you trying to keep tourists away? Seriously.

Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, Oregon

Now get ready for this.... (And get your suitcase packed with sunscreen, wind breaker, and hiking sandals or water socks.)

OMG, that's more like it.
Call me when you're coming to visit, ok?

PS: The pictures in this post are our own.

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