Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where old vinyl LPs go when they die...

I think they go to housewares kitch heaven. The other day I was looking for gift ideas and I came across this:

No, it wasn't left out in the sun. It's a bowl! For pretzels or tv remotes or stuff.

Is this the coolest idea? Now I know Hello Dolly was a popular musical, but when in the heck are you going to pull out the record player and listen to it? Doing housework, maybe, but isn't that why you got that iPod? (Yeah, right. For housework. Sure.)

Now wait, you have to see the rest of it. Not only did I Know You Did's Attic warp the record, she made funky coasters from the jacket. Love it.

Last time I checked, it was still available. But if Hello Dolly's not your thing, she's got Van Halen, Barry White, Willie Nelson, Mr. Mister... ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK!

holy moley, that's a broad taste in music. I'm not sure if she's cleaning out her own attic to make these upcycled functional ultra-fun and funky objects d'art, but she's got a great collection of nostalgia in her shop.

I think I probably wouldn't get an album that I loved, but rather something that I love to make fun of, like a one hit wonder or one of those artists that you don't want anyone to know you secretly like. (Like Billy Squier or Asia or Ethel Mermann.) Or Engelbert Humperdinck because his name is hard to pronounce, especially after a couple of cocktails. But that's just me.

(And I'm just guessing that Frank would probably pick something like a Dolly Parton album. Because he's a guy.)

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  1. What a great idea! I especially love the coasters!
    I remember my third grade teacher, Mrs. Davis, had us all bring in a scratched record (probably a 78) for an art project. She had a bowl (or something with the same shape) for each of us to set our records on top of in the big window over the radiators. I don't remember if it happened quickly or not, but we ended up with that same bowl. I don't think Mom was as in love with it as I.